Venue Video Monitoring

Sometimes it is necessary to produce a live video image of what is happening in a room or building. People sitting in one place will be able to see what is happening elsewhere in the building by viewing a video monitor (or projected image) connected to a video camera. Examples of projects we have completed are:

– Theatre show relay, so that patrons and backstage staff can see what is happening on stage.

– Churches with poor sight lines, so that members of the congregation whose view is obscured by columns can see what is happening.

– Marketing viewing studios, so that clients can view a group session and take away a recording for further use.

Sometimes this is a "stand-alone" facility, and sometimes this system is integrated with other video function in the venue. There is a huge range of equipment available and no two requirements are identical. Future Media has the knowledge and experience to provide the best solution for your requirements. To discuss your requirements, please contact us