Room Control and Automation

Sometimes it is necessary to provide a system with fairly complex functionality yet which has very simple control. For example, in a board room, pressing a single button may dim the lights, close the blinds, turn on the video projector and cause the projection screen to lower.

Alternatively, in a school with a complex sound and lighting system in the hall for performances, it is often desirable for a member of staff to be able to deliver a lesson or presentation without requiring the attendance of a technician. Here, a simplified control system can be provided, allowing the teacher to have basic control of sound, lighting and video functions with a simple control interface. No expert technical knowledge is required. Please contact us for a free quotation.

Another example would be a meeting or lecture room where the room may be used by many different people and it is necessary to provide a robust and foolproof means of control. Our systems enable all users to access the audio visual systems without risk of confusion or damage.

Every application is different, we have experience in meeting different types of requirement, especially in education and business. Selecting from the range of products available we will tailor a system exactly suited to your needs. Sound, lighting and video systems can be controlled and we can also interface to other systems such as environmental controls or security systems. We have a particularly strong software background and pride ourselves in the solutions that we are able to offer you.