Dimmer Packs

Dimmer packs are required in all theatrical lighting installations. These provide the electrical control that allows the lanterns to be dimmed. They don't include the user controls - this would be a separate "lighting desk". The desk doesn't handle any power and is situated in a position convenient for the operator, it doesn't control the power directly. A DMX data connection sends the control signals from the desk to the dimmer packs. These are usually located out of the way, the location being chosen to minimise the amount of cabling.

Traditionally only a small number of channels of dimming were provided, and a "patch panel" used to connect the dimmer pack to whichever circuits were in use. These days it is more common to use larger dimmer packs, with a dedicated channel going to each socket. This is much simpler to use, and avoids the maintenance issues of the patch panel.

Dimmer packs for use portably or with patch panels are usually made with 6 channels, and are housed in a standard 19" rack cabinet. Larger dimmer packs are designed to be hardwired to the output circuit and usually 12 or 24 channels, and mount directly on the wall. Larger installations, for example for theatres, will use modular systems.

Future Media can supply all the major brands of dimmer pack such as Zero 88, Pulsar, Light processor and Anytronics. A range of budget products are also available for cost-sensitive projects.

Our installations are alway designed with safety, ease of use and reliability in mind.