Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards have a white surface that is used as a projection screen for a video projector. The whiteboard is connected to a computer and users can "draw" on the surface by using an electronic pen. The "pen" has no ink, instead, whatever the user draws is created as an image by the computer and displayed by the projector.

Interactive whiteboards offer all the features of conventional, ink-based whiteboards but with many powerful and compelling additions. Whatever is drawn or written can readily be copied and distributed. The board can be used interactively with many different types of software, thereby providing an enhanced experience for the learner. Interactive whiteboards are commonplace in classrooms, training environments and meeting rooms. Please contact us for a free quotation.

Future Media offers a full range of whiteboards from all the major manufacturers. We provide a turnkey installation service including projectors, loudspeakers and connection systems. We are particularly keen on the Polyvision Eno whiteboard. Uniquely, this is made with an enamelled steel surface. This makes it extremely hard-wearing and robust, but as an extra assurance it comes with a lifetime warranty.

We also offer height adjustable stands, so interactive whiteboards can be moved between rooms and/or adjusted in height to accommodate users in wheelchairs.