Induction Loop Systems for the Hard of Hearing

Induction loop systems are commonly provided to assist people with a hearing impairment and a hearing aid. Typical applications would be a service or enquiry counter in a retail situation, a church, or a council chamber. The smallest systems would be designed to service just one person, eg at a counter or enquiry desk. Portable systems are typically designed for one-to-one use, for example in interview situations or where the service can be delivered at any one of a number of locations. Please contact us for a free quotation.

It is common to provide a loop covering the whole of a room such as a church, hall or theatre. These systems may often be straightforward, however there are potential pitfalls when combined with certain building constructions. Some loop system may be much more complex, such as when a number of loops are required in close proximity to each other, or when the operation of a loop must be strictly constrained within the building for security reasons. We are fully experienced in designing and installing complex systems and so we would be pleased to discuss your requirements!

Building geometry and construction materials can all have a significant effect on the performance of the induction loop. British and European standards set performance levels which may not be met by an inexpert installation. Future Media has the knowledge and experience to provide systems conforming to the relevant standards, even in challenging environments.

Infrared systems offer an alternative to loop systems. These are commonly used in theatre scenarios where a high quality of reproduction is required, and in situations where the hearer may not have a hearing aid. We will be pleased to discus with you the different systems available and the relative merits of loop and infrared systems.