Stage Modules

A wide variety of products are available from a number of manufacturers. A typical requirement for primary schools is a system to make a modest sized stage of low height. These often need to be assembled by a single person quickly and stored away in a small space. A typical product for this application would be Doughty Easydeck which is. economical, tough and popular. Please contact us for a free quotation.

Another typical requirement would be for a heavy duty stage module for theatres, touring shows and product launches. The standard product for this application is SteelDeck, which is ubiquitous, very strong and very economical. As this is such a popular choice it is easy to augment with hired-in additional units when required.

There are many other products available where either of the above are not appropriate. We also offer the possibility of customised products if there isn't an off-the-shelf product to suit.