Internally Wired Lighting Bars

Internally wired lighting bars provide the mechanical support for stage lighting. They also include built-in sockets to provide the power supply, thus reducing the number of trailing cables.

Typically known as "IWBs", they are alway made from 48mm diameter aluminium tubing, and are always custom-made to the client's specific requirements. The specification will include the length and the number of outlets. Typically (in the UK), 15A sockets are used for dimmed circuits and 16A CEEFORM sockets for non-dimmed circuits. DMX control may also be provided. Although these are typical, any specific requirements can be accommodated.

Usually the feed to the IWB is hardwired via an end-mounbted junction box, though sometimes customers require them to be removable, in which case we would use multi-pin connectors such as Socapex or Harting.

The IWB is often supplied unpainted, but where necessary we can provide them powder coated. Black is often requested for low visibility, or any other RAL colour to match your decoration.

Every job is unique, and we can provide a fully bespoke design and manufacturing service. Amongst the more unusual IWBs we have provide are:

- a lighting grid made completely from scratch on site, to fit a difficult roof geometry
- a curved IWB to suit the building shape