Soundfield Classroom Voice Reinforcement

The DfES recommends active sound reinforcement in classrooms. Studies have shown improved academic results, better behaviour and less staff absence due to voice strain. This can be achieved in a simple, elegant and cost effective way by the use of Soundfield Voice Reinforcement. Please contact us for a free quotation.

Soundfield provides an even level of sound throughout the classroom, enabling all the children to hear well without the teacher having to raise their voice. Staff will benefit from less voice strain, increased attention and inclusion of SEN pupils as well as total classroom coverage throughout their lesson delivery.

Different options are available to suit different room designs. Soundfield can be fitted either into a standard ceiling grid, flat on a ceiling or wall-mounted. Portable Systems are also available for use anywhere within the school. Most systems have the ability to take audio from additional sources such as computers and DV players, and also the ability to feed additional personal equipment, to help hearing-impaired pupils.