Paging Systems

These systems are typically used for announcements and/or background music across an entire site. Our experience ranges from simple systems addressing a single area, to large systems covering multiple floors and different zones. Typical applications often include announcements in a factory or warehouse, time signals and announcements across a school, or messaging to the public across a leisure or park centre. Please contact us for a free quotation.

A huge range of products are available. For example, different loudspeakers may be required for a swimming pool area or for music reproduction, than those which may be required to blend discreetly with the building fabric. Another common requirement is the ability to direct different messages to different areas. Messages may be delivered automatically on a timed basis, for example to signal the s tart and end of lessons in a school. Systems can optionally be battery powered to continue working in the event of mains failure. Loudspeakers can be provided across a site of arbitrary size. Please call us to discus your requirements.

We can offer a full range of products from all the major manufacturers including loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers, effects and outboard, microphones, radio microphones, etc.

We can fabricate custom cable harnesses and facility panels, and for unusual applications we offer the possibility of a customised loudspeaker design if there is not an off-the-shelf product to suit.