Digital Mixers & Multicores

Digital audio mixers are growing in popularity. They integrate a lot of electronics that traditionally would have been separate units, such as graphic equalisers and compressors. As these separate units are eliminated, the overall installation is greatly simplified and becomes much more portable. A mixer that is easily portable by one person can include all the functions of a large and heavy rack. With a digital mixer you don't have to have one fader per channel, so they can be a game changer when you have limited space available. They can also save and recall combinations of settings, something that is impossible on a conventional mixer, so the settings for different shows can be recalled at the touch of a button.

Digital multicores are connected via standard network cabling, avoiding the bulky and expensive analogue multicores of yesterday. This is especially useful where portability is required, or multiple different positions for the stagebox. This is achieved simply with a digital stagebox, whereas it is an expensive exercise when using analogue cabling.

Digital mixers can also interface directly with computer based multi-channel recording systems. It becomes easy to record all the channels of live show directly into the computer for later editing.

There are number of competing systems on the market today, each with different features. Future Media can advise you on the most appropriate design for your application.