Classroom and Training Room Audio-Visual

In the last few years there has been phenomenal growth in the use of new media technologies in the classroom and lecture room. Every classroom nowadays has a video projector and many have interactive whiteboards. Soundfield systems provide great benefits in making lessons more audible for pupils, enhancing learning and reducing voice strain for the teacher. Future Media can assist in specifying the most appropriate projectors, interactive whiteboards and visualisers. Virtually every job is budget sensitive, so we aim to provide the most economical solution whilst also bearing in mind reliability, ongoing maintenance costs and ease of use, thereby delivering to you an optimally engineered solution.

Due to the prevalence of projectors and the practical issues associated with maintaining a large number, many sites are choosing to adopt a networked solution whereby the status of each projector is available to a centrally located technician, on their computer. This indicates whether any units have failed or if any need be switched on or off. This approach greatly enhances usability and reduces the impact of failures as they are detected more quickly. Costs are reduced as the technician spends less time travelling to check on projectors. They can also see when projectors have been left on unnecessarily and switch them off.

Whilst many requirements are straightforward, we also delight in the unusual and can supply many specialist items to resolve specific problems or issues. For example, when projection is difficult due to high ambient light levels, a specialist projection screen may provide the answer. We can provide ultra-rugged intelligent whiteboards giving extremely long service life with high reliability and low ongoing costs. Where whiteboards are to be accessible to wheelchair users, we can provide motorised whiteboard mounts so the height can be readily adjusted.