Make Your Video Signals Travel Further!

With the ever increasing use of video projectors for presentations, users often find themselves having to run video cables significantly longer than the 2m cable bundled with the projector. Unfortunately, just buying a longer cable isn't always an option. Sometimes users experience poor results from overpriced, inferior quality cables, and sometimes the solution is not easily found. Add to this the increasing number of video formats in common use – for example, VGA, HDMI, SDI, DVI – and the poor user can be left banging their head against the wall trying to make their video system work.

Future Media is expert in video cabling and has the solution to deal with your problem. Contact us now for a free quotation. We need to know what sort of signal you are using and how far you need it to go. Some of the possible solutions are described in the categories listed below, but this list is by no means exhaustive and we would be pleased to advise you for any other scenario.