Professional Sound Systems for Performances

For professional performances and productions, effective sound reproduction is essential to convey the sound to the audience. Selection of the appropriate microphones, cabling, mixers, amplification and loudspeakers are always critical, as is an appreciation of the building's acoustics. Please contact us for a free quotation.

Future Media has many years experience of providing equipment for these situations. Whether the application is a live band, theatre, school, church or community hall, we consistently provide the best match of equipment for our clients' particular requirements. We provide professional, quality equipment to deliver excellent sound at an economical price. Over the years we have learned which brands perform well and which are best avoided. We bring this experience to bear when designing a bespoke system for you. For example, loudspeakers in particular should be carefully selected and located with reference to the room acoustics.

Fixed and portable systems, traditional and modern buildings are all within our remit. Modern digital network-based products offer value for money and flexibility that would be difficult to achieve with traditional products, and they also can offer very easy integration with multi track recording systems. Whilst many situations are straightforward, we delight in unusual or challenging requirements.