Background Music

Background music is a common requirement in hotels, licensed premises, and the leisure and retail sectors. At its simplest a background music system would simply deliver background music to one area. Even at that level there is a huge variety of amplifiers and loudspeakers available. More complex systems would address a number of different areas within the premises, for example different bar and lobbies within a hotel. Different areas may require different announcements and possibly different music. Zoning mixers make it easy to route such different material to different areas. Please contact us for a free quotation.

A huge variety of loudspeakers are available with different styling, the possibility of different colour finishes, special models for outside or hostile environments, etc.

There are more possible music sources than ever before now available, with common choices being off-air TV or radio, CD players, iPods, computers and CD players. A very popular choice is a hard-disc music playout system. This allows you to choose the music that is automatically downloaded to the player, to suit your taste and to allow you to create the right ambience for your clientele. The music is automatically refreshed and kept up-to-date via the internet. The music selection can be made to change automatically on a timetabled basis to create a different ambience at different times of the day.

Automatic advertising and messaging can be provided, and for larger organisations we offer the choice of inserting custom announcements in regional accents as dictated by the location of your premises. Smaller systems will typically be self-contained, and for larger customers we can offer the option of the playout devices being free of all controls, with the system being centrally controlled to endure full control at all times of what is played in your premises.

Similar video playout devices are available where music videos are required. Again, the selection of material delivered automatically to your site is in accordance with your own specific preferences of which types of music you wish to play.