4 Light Kit with 20W RGB Lights

4 Light Kit with 20W RGB Lights - £595.00 (Plus VAT)(Including carriage to mainland UK)

Easy to use stage lighting kit to enhance your performances!

Our stage lighting kits are designed especially for primary schools and community groups etc. They contain everything that you need including cables, and come with easy to use instructions for assembly and connection, so you can be up and running in minutes!

All kits include the latest LED lanterns, which provide a huge range of colours that can be simply controlled from the control desk. No need to use colour gels! LED lanterns are cool-running and use much less energy than traditional theatre lighting, so this is a very green solution!

This economy kits is perfect for basic requirements in smaller rooms

The control desk is chosen for simplicity and ease of use. Sliders simply allow you to control the colour mix from all lights together.

Kit 1 comprises:

4 x 3-colour LED lights, each with 16W

2 x stand and T-bar

2 x 13A cable

2 sets of link cables (between lights)

1 x control desk

2 x 30m control leads

Price: £595.00 (Plus VAT)(Including carriage to mainland UK)