Our sound kits are designed for primary schools and other users requiring a compact, portable high quality sound systems. We have selected the components to provide good quality sound, reliability, and ease of use. All kits include broadcast quality audio cables (* except 3.5mm leads), so you are most unlikely to experience any problems due to unreliable connections. We have made them as economical as possible, they may not be the cheapest kits, but you will find them a cut above the average in terms of quality, usability and reliability.


Our kits are supplied with the radio receivers and the mixer already mounted in the flight case and connected, so you do not have to do any assembly. We also set up the radio microphones. All you need to do to get going is to unpack the equipment, put the loudspeakers on the stands, plug everything in, and away you go!

All kits include the latest LED lanterns, which provide a huge range of colours that can be simply controlled from the desk. No need to use colour gels! We provide 4-colour lanterns, so as well as full colour mixing, you also get a good quality white (cheaper 3-colour lanterns don't provide a proper white). LED lanterns are cool-running and use much less energy than traditional theatre lighting, so this is a very green solution!

COMPREHENSIVE - All kits include:

A pair of handheld radio microphones. These can be placed on stands or passed around from pupil to pupil. Theses are a great way of providing sound reinforcement without the hassle of trailing cables. Kits include either Sennheiser or Trantec radio microphones, both well-respected brands providing reliable operation. You can specify if you want headset microphones instead of handheld. These are the best way of picking up a voice, especially a quiet one, and they leave both hands free, but they are not so easy to pass from one performer to another as a handheld microphone (We do not recommend lapel (clip-on) microphones for primary school use)

A mixer. This controls the sound from all the different sources. You have individual control of the volume and tone of each source. As well as the two radio mic receivers we provide a 3.5mm jack lead so that you can feed in sound from a laptop, mobile 'phone, MP3 player, etc. There are spare inputs so that you can add more sources in the future, for example more radio microphones, cabled microphones or stereo sources. All kits include the same mixer, the RCF L-PAD 10C. RCF are a well established manufacturer of professional audio equipment, and this mixer provides great sounding results and ease of use.

A flight case to hold the mixer and radio microphone receivers

A pair of powered loudspeakers. Ie the amplifier is built into the loudspeaker. This is the most cost effective way of providing a portable system. An additional advantage is that a powered loudspeaker can be used on its own as a very simple portable means of sound reinforcement. Each loudspeaker is provided with a 25m cable to connect it to the mixer. You will also need to plug each loudspeaker into the mains, we include a pair of 5m mains leads. We also include a pair of lightweight tripod loudspeaker stands. The model of loudspeaker supplied varies between kits.

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