littledown centre

The Littledown Centre

Installation of Multiple A/V Systems

We installed a high output sound system in the Main Hall for use with circuit classes. The system can be individually controlled in each of four zones within the hall to allow for activities occupying less than the entire space.

The studio and spinning rooms were fitted with sound systems for instruction.

The gym was fitted with multiple televisions for clients to watch TV whilst exercising. A background music system was provided allowing continuous, advert-free music, regularly updated according to the client's desired mix of different types of music. This can also be programmed to automatically vary the type of music played according to the time of day or day of the week, so it can automatically provide appropriate music for different classes and activities. A Cloud Audio "Pump Station" was fitted, allowing the users to select their own individual music preference at each of the exercise machines.

A childrens' gym was fitted with TVs, background music, and colour-changing LED lanterns.


Photo courtesy of The Littledown Centre