Young Epilepsy

Extensive Customised Sound, Lighting and Video Systems for Multi-Purpose Space

This charity was refurbishing its performance space and wanted sound, lighting and video systems as well as the ability to record audio and video. Some of their residents are wheelchair users so they avoided a fixed stage in favour of performing directly from the floor. This meant the lighting system had to be flexible enough to light the room in any configuration including ‘theatre in the round’.

There are six lighting bars spaced along the hall and they are all motorised so they can be brought to low-level and rigged by wheelchair users. We also installed a good-quality sound system ensuring all connectors were hidden under floor-traps so that users can connect microphones or stereo sources at various places without any obtrusive hardware and minimising trip hazards.

We installed an independent disco lighting system with its own simple-to-operate control. This system has sound-to-light functionality which is easier for the user as it bypasses the full-blown lighting desk. There is a control room for the main systems in the hall which also supports an adjacent recording room. We also provided Young Epilepsy with camcorders, portable video lighting and a green screen, for which we gave training for.

Many of their projects are recorded for subsequent distribution via an IPTV system over the entire site.


Photo by Bob Wheeler, Courtesy of Young Epilepsy