The Stourvale Centre

Flexible, High Quality A/V
for New Build

This community centre and youth club wanted a flexible performance space for music and drama. As there is no fixed stage we installed a lighting grid which allows the performance space to be lit from any position. There is surround sound and a professional video projector so the space can be transformed for cinema presentations.

Professional audio gear makes the space suitable for live music concerts and the mixing desk can be positioned either at ground level in the hall or in the control position on the balcony.

Adjoining the control room on the top level is a live recording room. This enables recordings to be made from the hall and the live room simultaneously. The sound desk can also be connected with the video mixer so they can be operated in tandem.

The centre is managed by the YMCA, who operate a community radio station from another site in the town. We therefore provided a radio training suite and hardware for a live link to the studio.

We also installed equipment in smaller ancillary rooms such as TVs and surround sound in chill-out areas that are suitable for watching films or playing video games.