Light Show Time-Coded to Soundtrack

Audience members are treated to a pre-show, which previously is a recorded soundtrack telling people about the technology used in the cinema such as the projector, the screen and the surround system which make up the unique experience.

The pre-show was just an audio track with no visuals which wasn’t great for the audience, so we created a light show which is synchronised with time codes from the audio. As things are explained in the soundtrack the lighting works in tandem. For example, when the soundtrack mentions the loudspeakers, a remote control light automatically turns to illuminate them. When the soundtrack describes the sub-woofer the lights turn to illuminate them and a flashing strobe makes them more exciting.

The IMAX has a huge 60ft screen supported on a steel frame. Our light show illuminates the whole screen and steel structure from behind, which is particularly impressive as the screen itself is translucent when lit from behind. The whole sound and light show begins automatically when the operator presses a start button.