Wimborne Minster

Installing a Discreet Sound System
with Simple Control

For over 1300 years the Minster has been a centre for pilgrimage, prayer and worship.

Column speakers had not been installed in this ancient church before and the church was concerned that their addition would not diminish the appearance of the nave. We provided small, visually unobtrusive speakers with excellent sound quality.

In particular our customer wanted radio microphones to work anywhere in the building. We worked hard on this part of the design and installed radio microphones which gave excellent coverage throughout the church - even in the crypt. The lectern microphone was also upgraded to a gooseneck style which is more sensitive and easier to adjust.

The church desired a high degree of functionality yet with a very simple control interface for operators who were not very technical. Normally this would be a contradiction and impossible to resolve, but we chose the route of providing a powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) based mixer, with a custom designed control interface on a computer touchscreen. As a result the system is very powerful, for example having optional automatic mixing on 20 inputs, yet is very simple to use. Different preset settings can be recalled for different types of service, and there is a "panic button" that restores all the controls to a known state