Christchurch Priory

11th Century Church,
21st Century Audio

The Priory is a church of significant architectural interest which required a high-quality sound system that was easy to use. Our brief was to radically upgrade the system while reusing the existing cabling.

We placed loudspeaker models chosen for their small size and high quality sound reproduction on each column and provided a new amplifier and digital signal processor in a bespoke portable wooden cabinet.

The digital signal processor is at the heart of the system and features a simple touchscreen interface. This means the user does not have to deal with all the knobs and faders of a large-scale mixing desk. Instead, the touchscreen has very simple controls such as, “On/Off” and “Level Up or Down”. If the user is unable to deal with the controls there is a button which automatically restores everything to the default position. The system provides a great deal of power and some complex functions, yet the user interface is extremely simple.

For more technically confident users an advanced control page provides additional controls such as microphone gain, equalisation, etc.