Queen Elizabeth's School

Performance Space for
New School Build

This was a high-spec installation focusing on the main hall and music rooms. The school is an impressive new build with a special emphasis on performance and as such required first-rate audio-visual systems.

We used Martin Audio loudspeakers and a Yamaha digital mixer in the hall. Thanks to a digital audio network running to various positions throughout the hall and recording studio there can be multiple mixer positions such as the control balcony, the hall and the stage.

The main lighting control features 90 channels of dimming with lighting bars both on stage and front of house. Video sockets are provided in various locations around the hall enabling users to put a laptop or DVD player in three different positions and have it feed through to the main video projector.

An LCD touchscreen provides a simple interface for the main functions, so teachers don't require a technician on-hand to operate the big sound and lighting desks. The simple touchscreen controls enable use of radio microphones, pc-to-projector and additional stereo channels.

We also provided lighting in the drama studio and cabling from music rooms and practice rooms back to the recording room.