Iglesia ni Cristo, Manchester

Sound and Video for a Philippino Church with a Simultaneous Interpretation System

We installed the audio-visual requirements for two new churches. One site was in Manchester and the other in Newport. Both sites required a similar setup but in very different buildings.

Hanging microphones were fitted so that the sound of the choir could be reinforced and heard through the sound system in the breakout rooms as needed. Premium quality ceiling loudspeakers with subwoofers provide excellent quality sound reproduction.

Digital displays provide a large, clear indication of hymn numbers to the congregation, a high tech solution that is easier to use than the traditional wooden board with card numbers!

A large LCD television was installed in the main hall so that members of the congregation whose views were obscured could witness the events live. Providing a high quality PTZ (Point, Tilt, Zoom) camera allowed the broadcast of crystal clear images.

Further breakout rooms with additional seating for larger events were also fitted with LCD televisions and sound reproduction systems.

As the congregation is bi lingual, the service is conducted in Tagalog, with simultaneous translation into English. The English language content is delivered to the congregation via a high quality and easy to use headphone system. This uses infra red communication to achieve a cable-free solution.